Approved by grandmas 3
Agency RA Voskhod
Creative Director Andrey Gubaidullin
Copywriters Daria Ovechkina, Alexander Parkhomenko
Post-production Ilya Linetsky
Production Company SKBD.SH
Directed by Anastasia Korkia
Cinematographer Andrey Krauzov
General Producer Mikhail Romanov
Executive Producer Vladimir Piskunov
Editing Sonya Kapnik
Sound design Alexey Vorobyov
Colorist Timofey Goloborodko
Combine of meat gastronomy "Cherkashin and partner"
Leading Specialist of the Marketing and Advertising Department Yulia Ildarovna Buyskaya
Advertising Manager Anna Viktorovna Medvedevskikh
For a lovely soul
The commercials were not shot according to the rules. In these videos there were no detailed scripts, no storyboards, there are no actors who look like "ordinary people", there are just characters who live their lives.

The experiment took place in the countryside, where the main experts in making homemade dumplings live - Russian grandmothers.

They keep their own "natural" economy, take care of the cattle, stoke the oven and, of course, prefer homemade food to store-bought food.

The film crew spent several days with the heroines of the videos to learn the opinion on the dumplings from those who keep and know the secrets of the national cuisine. Grandmothers, who are already under 80 years old, do not know how to lie, and, therefore, expressed all that they thought.
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